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Obsidian Counselling & Therapy, in Belleville, ON, offers individual, couple, and family therapy both in-person and online.  Our goal is to inspire well-being and balance in the lives of the people we provide our high-quality counselling and therapy to.

Counselling Services

Individual Therapy

Many people can feel stuck and need new tools for creating a path forward. Our therapists work with you to identify core needs and help you develop a plan for healing, balance, and growth. We can help you navigate anxiety or depression, life transitions, trauma, feeling stuck in the past or in negative cycles, and much more.  

Couples Therapy

All couples/partners experience moments of conflict and phases of disconnect but if you are starting to feel like there are more and more of these moments or are starting to feel like strangers to each other, then couples therapy can help you reconnectWe can help you rediscover a deeper and more meaningful bond, recover from infidelity or other betrayals, and rebuild trust. 

Family Therapy

We all want our family home to be a place filled with love and happiness where memories are made but sometimes families can experience periods of breakdown, conflict, and stress. We can help you explore how problems developed and help you develop a plan to improve the situation for everyone so that your family can connect about the important stuff, be supportive of each other’s needs, and feel close and happy again. 


Are you ready to take the first steps?

Together we can co-create a therapeutic process that supports you to find the well-being, growth, connection, and happiness that you long for in your life.